The Significance of the Silk Road

Silk Road is starting from China and extending to Europe through out from Anotolia and mediterranean and World famous trade road.This road not only traders but also from east to west and west to east , sages, army, ideas, has been way too religions and cultures

Centruies BC before the Egyptians and then the Romans were the Chinese buy silk. Transportation is called the Silk Road caravan routes are provided with the following. Silk and spices from the Far East has played an important role in international relations for the western world. Silk Road is also provided in the West we are known by the Eastern culture. Caravan with the westward movement of the East with the silk and spice trade has created ways to reach Europe from China. This way benefit from the network,used since previous ages, moving from east to west in commercial development. Whit a strong silk, porcelain and spices and precious Stones that carry the name of the long caravan road over time as the Silk Road. This road is not only 2000 years since the road connecting Asia with Europe, the culture of living in these areas are the traces of religion and race us.

The Soviet Union was dissolved after the gaining of independence of the Turkish republic in Central Asia after the trade routes of the Silk Road as well as historical and cultural value. The Silk Road, the most important role in the history of the world provide a cultural bridge between the West and the East. Civilizations located on this road have establised contact wiht each other more deeply. As a result of modern economic activities in advanced economic trade it reached again in the trade routes.

The Silk Road has a more touristic meaning today.After the West started to recognize Eastern mysticism on the Silk Road through books, the West's interest in the East and the tourist activities increased accordingly. Generally, tourists come to the region with the tours organized under the name of "In Pursuit of Marko Polo".With the opening of its doors to foreign tourists by the end of 1970s, China realized the great tourism opportunities and many monuments and cultural monuments on the Silk Road were restored and protected by official authorities.With the archaeological excavations, the life on the Silk Road has been researched and revealed.During the trips on the Taklamakan Desert, we constantly encounter city news and cave ruins.The most interesting elements are the people living on this road and the lifestyle preserved to this day.Nowadays, many tourists come from Japan to see the countries that Buddhism has passed until Japan.

The last railroad track on the Silk Road was closed in 1992 with the opening of the international line between Almata and Urumqi. However, there are no regular train connections or fixed transfer links between Beijing-Tarhan or Beijing-Moscow.

Nowadays, with the more concrete expression to Asia and Europe, 114 thousand kilometers of Trans-Asian Railway Network connecting 28 countries to each other and Asian Fast Railway network projects reaching 141 thousand kilometers are being carried out.These projects are of great importance for the economic and commercial development of the region and their strategic integration.This project is of great importance for Turkey, Turkey's great importance as a shield from London by train Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project for the historic mission bridged between East and West could go to China.