Wherever you go in our world, there are some people that are neglected by human being even in developing countries such as France, Germany and mostly the U.S. Human being abstain from eye contact with homeless people, since recognizing them will rankle the others. However they are the fact of life. More responsibilities should be undertaken by governments to stop ascending homelessness rate with two recommendations which are contribute to education of homeless people freely, and allocate financial resources from government treasure or founding charities by state subsidy.

The first step is ,Turkish government should educate groups of street people because the reason of poverty and homelessness are based on unemployment. Education simply does not mean school or academic achievements but also vocational training that is valuable along with academic education. Maybe there are lots of gifted and skilled people among the broke people. In addition, if they are educated decently, they can easily fix their problem also they can find out the solutions themselves. Governments may recover them. They have to make money to get by their life like us like everyone. Everyone should empathize and remember that one day they might be homeless.

My second advise is, states should allocate some treasure money to homelessness people. Because of the income injustice, rich is getting richer, poor is getting poor in capitalist environment. States collect taxes considering annual income of taxpayers and huge business owners pay extreme amount of taxe. These taxes should be allocated to needy-indigent people because in this capitalist system huge business owners are major offenders to increase homelessness rate. Wealthiest make lots of money every year yet do not share or do not donate this money to helpless people. Only governments may have under control of these great amount money from big bosses and spend for easing harsh life conditions in order to homelessness.

In conclusion, there are many homelessness people which are ignored by the others. They obviously deserve to dwell on like a human being at home and with a job. These notions should be brought out by governments because everyone has same rights and all of us are mutually equal. I strongly believe that if the governments could educate homelessness people and allocate financial resources from government treasure to their bank accounts, the sun will rise again for them!

--- Umut Şimşek