Education in Poland

University of Lodz
University of Lodz

Education in Poland, as a student at the University of Lodz I can be a good witness about it, how it is evolving and opening doors to new opportunities in the business world as I study in International Business and Economics in the Faculty of Economics and Sociology for an MA.

I choose this university among two option I had, the other one was University of Gdansk for the same field by comparing their respective ranking Lodz was ahead of Gdansk so my choice was pretty easy.

This topic is about education in Lodz and I choose specifically universities as they started offering new perspectives for foreigners with Master and Bachelor in English. Therefore, more and more international student start coming from outside Poland either as a full-time student or just exchange Erasmus for example.

It opened and still open doors for a lot of locals and international students thanks to the strong link between universities and companies to the professional world, send the student to other universities in Europe as Erasmus student, offer possibilities of internship and cooperation with many corporations.

To sum up universities in Poland still have a long way to go to achieve what western ones have achieved so far but it is steadily improving like there economy, that is my humble opinion.