Ecotopia- The World That We Need

"We're at war with nature. If we win, we're lost."

- Hubert Reeves

These days we stuck in our homes because of the pandemic. This pandemic teaches us the importance of nature. Simply thinking, we need air, water and earth to continue our life. People should pay more attention to protect our living space, our nature and world. One should not let Greedy people diminish our world to satisfy their interests.

While reading ecotopia, ı did clearly see that we can create nature-friendly cities. We do not need to destroy our nature to build a luxurious life for people. I believe that if we could establish environment-friendly nature, we can grow more humble people, we can remove some health issues and more benefit will bring to us.

I found this book so fruitful and interesting. I can feel that my perspective changed through environmental issues. I felt responsible to write a summary of this book to attract people attention to this book. It is a highly beneficial book to set up a deep understanding of environmental problems. I hope you will enjoy reading this article. Have a good Reading.

Ecotopia describes a society that declared its independence in the San Francisco area of America. The most substantial principles of this society are ecology and living in harmony with nature. People have ceased to be consumers and they produce everything according to their wishes and in enough quantity. Bicycles rather than cars are left in the public area for everyone to use in this society. Energy consumption is reduced. The head of state is a woman and most of the Survivalist party members are women. They use natural materials for the selection of furniture and houses because of simplicity, and they avoid paint them. There are nearly no cars on the roads and there is no transport fee. They have gender equality which women have the right to say the last word in family life and in sexuality. Crimes are punished based on social order and production.

Ecotopia is a place where people live a calm, unhurried, comfortable and free life, and nature does not lose its ecological identity. 

It is a society where ecological balance is important and lived in this direction. It is a utopia where personal preferences of people are supported, protected and human rights are highly valued.

The book did not meet my expectations in terms of ecology and utopia. If I was the author of this book, I would have made it more utopian. For example, I would have forbidden tobacco and drug use. I would make the place in the book an imaginary place for the reader to come to life in his mind. On the other hand, the book has chapters I like. My favourite part of the book is ‘’A little goes a long way, Will.’’ Lorna said. Our point of view is that if something’s worth doing, it ought to be done in a way that’s enjoyable- otherwise it can’t really be worth doing.’’ One of my favourite aspects of the book is the narration part. The story is told to us both in an official and personal languages such as fax and diary.

Ecotopia society acts with the understanding of "re-use" and "re-apply." 

The principle of simplicity is the most basic of the system. One of the most important thoughts they have developed in the environment is the increase in forest areas. This is one of the most important environmental problems of today. Another issue they consider is the surplus population. This may be due to the relationship between the excess population and destruction of the environment.

Consequently, In Ecotopia, the relationship of human with its environment is a natural whole. They also see the protection of the environment as simplicity and naturalness. The reason for the defect and lack of harmony in the environment is of human origin and those who will correct it are again people.

Could we say that the human being is the most harmful creature in the world? or Could we name a human being as saviour? After pandemic, some videos go viral on social media. While human being stays at home, animals come back to their nature. You can see many dolphins through canals in Venice. reindeers and bears come back to villages in Sweden. Thank you for reading my article. I kindly request your feedback about my article.

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