My black box changes

according to product, I mean, I do disburse at the most 10-15 Turkish liras if I desire to purchase a t-shirt, however, if I would like to buy a shoe; prices are not too much outstanding because quality and durability must satisfy me. I put on my shoes along 3-4 years but t-shirt can be wear for 1-2 years. Due to this reason, product fields and quality detect my black box firstly. Ever since my childhood, because of my family economic conditions, I used to be careful about my expenses while buying something, recently years this habit has changed, so, my expenses habits have also changed. For producers who manufacture quality and cheap goods and services, I am a open target to engage my attention on their products. Based on this, I am composing buyer of outlets of well-known

brands. To me, outlets are alpha plus opportunities for student and middle income consumers.

Products, that are in outlets, just because of out of date, are sold in low prices than their original prices. Adidas outlets, are my favourite shops, in addition I have found out a new outlet brand which is high quality for three months. It name is Hummel. Its products’ quality and prices are like adidas’ products. I am a loyal customer for Hummel anymore. After becoming a trade student, I have been thinking all the time, cost of products, profit margin, and what should be the price of a product. In addition, if I detect a pricefor a goods, original price of it must be nearly same, if it is not, I do not want to purchase it because to me the price is expensive. I do not wish for being a fool when I purchase something. Before university life, I was not a person who want to bargain because of living with my family. I did not have to count money things like bills, spending etc. , but now I have become a shopping specialist. Paying 13-15 liras for a cup of coffee at Starbucks or caribou is not a big deal because even if you do not buy anything from the stores, you can use their Wi-Fi, chairs , toilets , etc. These things catch people attentions on themselves easily. From morning to closing to stores, nobody do not ask ‘ would you like to drink or eat something?’ and people love this kind of attitudes of brands. That is why people ignore prices of coffees’. In addition, size of coffees are too big, you can drink a Grande turtle mocha by the time1-2 hours. Students prefer these kind of coffee shops because they are kind of study room. Everyone could study freely. This marketing strategy provides lot of profits to coffee shop owners. I prefer the stores because of these reasons. Briefly, today’s shopping habits depend on my economic conditions especially being a student,but if I have more money of course I do not think too much my economic conditions while buying a goods or services. Both my department and my economic passion, I rapidly pursue economic news, exhange, prices etc. I am aconscious consumer.

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